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Happiness depends upon ourselves

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President Obama came down hard on gun-control laws during today’s Tumblr Q&A. See the president’s full response on gun control here.

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I lost all that wonderful positive momentum I had
I totally let myself down
I gained the weight back
I sleep all day to avoid facing reality
I’m in a constant state of anxiety
I don’t like the direction my life is going in anymore
I feel like a giant failure
I feel weirdly unworthy of love…

I can relate 100%

I don’t know about you but I have to sleep with my hands under the blankets or under a pillow to make sure no one grabs that shit haha same with my legs


be an atheist, be a christian, be buddhist, be straight, be gay, be cisgender, be transgender, be non-binary, be carnivore, be vegan, be whatever the hell you want to be but don’t be an asshole is this so hard to understand

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good guy jonah hill. this took a lot of balls to do. owning up to such a slip up, especially when you’re a well-known actor whom some people get inspiration from & admire, is a huge thing. i hope that a lot of people take this as an eye-opener that homophobic slang has no space in our future’s (and current) vocabulary. replacing harmful words with the words you truly mean to say will not only show your intelligence, but your respect and belief in equality for all humans.

this is tough to watch but the only real way you can deal with something like that. good on him.

This is the best public apology I’ve seen for something like this. I’m sure a lot of people will argue and still discredit him and call him phobic, but honestly this is the way you should handle these things. He takes FULL ownership and blame and internalized the weight and gravity of what he did.


so this happened.

LOL! ♥

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I can relate to this

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